The Versatility of Epsom Salt

The versatility of Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is probably one of life’s best-kept secrets. There are many things you can do with a little Epsom salt!

Epsom salt has plenty of uses in the professional world and it is often needed in chemical processes for dehydration, and you’ll also find in some conserved cans of vegetables to keep them firm. Furthermore, Epsom salt is also quite important for medicine, and has been classified as one of the most essential medications in a health system.

In addition, did you also know that you magnesium sulfate is an absolute must-have in the garden and in the home? The salt is perfect to improve your garden, as the substance has been proven to improve plant growth and it can even give extra flavor to your vegetables. Furthermore, this substance has plenty of uses inside as well.

1. Stimulate chlorophyll production


If adding magnesium to your plants via Epsom salt, they’ll be inclined to produce more chlorophyll, which forms the recognizable green pigments. Leaves that are yellowish don’t have sufficient magnesium and could definitely use a boost. If you want to make your plants greener, spread a little bit of the Epsom salt around the base. A good baseline is a single tablespoon for every 12 inches in height.

2. Experience greener grass


The magnesium in Epsom salt is an absolute wonder for your garden. If you want to make your grass greener and healthier, simply spray a little bit of the salt around. The grass will definitely appreciate the extra boost in chlorophyll, resulting in a much greener surface.

3. Improve germination of seeds


Epsom salt (Magnesium) is essential in improving the germination process of seeds. Spread a single cup of salt over every 100 square feet of soil you’re going to be using, or throw a tablespoon or two in a hole where you’re going to plant some seeds. The magnesium will strengthen the cell walls of the seeds, resulting in firmer and stronger seedlings.

4. Get rid of pests


Magnesium sulfate is definitely a great tool if you’ve got slugs around, but the salt also does wonders if you’re trying to get rid of other, smaller pests. The salt is irritating to critters, meaning they likely won’t come near an area with Epsom salt sprinkled around. Don’t forget to reapply the salt in case it rains.

5. Teeth whitening


There are plenty of homemade remedies and DIY tricks for whitening your teeth, but Epsom salt is definitely among the most effective. Brush your teeth with a mixture of one part salt and one part water, and it can’t hurt to gargle after either. Aside from giving your teeth some noticeable sparkle and shine, the Epsom salt will also help prevent some periodontal injuries or diseases.

6. Use it as a great starter in the garden


Use some Epsom salt and add it to your soil to make sure that your garden is off to a great start. The extra nutrients will definitely give your garden the looks you’ve always wanted. Use one cup of Epsom salt for every hundred square feet of soil.

7. Clean shower stains


Hard water stains that form after a shower can be a bit of a pain to remove, but you don’t need a strong cleaning solution to get rid of them. Instead, mix a cup of Epsom salt, half a cup of baking soda and a fourth cup of regular dish soap, and give the glass shower doors or walls a rinse. Use a damp cloth before applying the mixture, and you’ll notice the stains disappearing in no time.

8. Increase plant sugar levels


Even though tomatoes are the best example of this, you can also use Epsom salt to improve the taste of other things, such as fruit and the nuts from trees. Producing these fruits does require a lot of nutrients, and having the extra magnesium around results in higher chlorophyll levels, which in turns ends up in more energy and sugar production.

9. Make your tomatoes taste sweeter


Did you know that you can use Epsom salt to grow sweeter tomatoes? All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of the salt with a gallon of water. Spray on the plants every fourteen days, and the Epsom salt will make sure that your tomatoes will have sufficient magnesium. Tomatoes with a deficiency of magnesium have a distinctly less sweet taste.

10. Make transplants easier


If you’ve ever moved a plant from one location to another before, you’ll definitely notice that they can have a bit of trouble adjusting to their new location. Whether it’s from indoors to outside, or from one piece of soil to another, you can ease up a transplant with a bit of Epsom salt. Don’t forget to add a layer of soil on top of the salt, as the plants do need some time to adjust to their environment and direct contact isn’t recommended.

11. Relieve body aches


Some Epsom salt can definitely help relieve some of that stress and body aches. Add a cup of Epsom salt to a small tub or bath and give the magnesium ions in the salt some time to soak into the skin. This has been proven to increase serotonin levels in the body, which is a pain inhibitor.

12. Prevent your leaves from curling


A curled leaf in the garden is never a good sign. Curled leaves serve as an indicator or as a warning for a deficiency in magnesium. If you’d like to see your leaves healthier again, sprinkle a bit of Epsom salt at the base of the plants with curled leaves. If the situation is dire, you can also apply the Epsom salt directly to the leaves by mixing a gallon of water and two tablespoons.

13. Use on itchy skin or bug bites


There aren’t many things in the world that are more irritating than an itchy skin or bug bites. Luckily, Epsom salt can help you ease the annoying sensation. Grab a water bottle mixed with a cup of Epsom salt, and spray on the part of your skin that’s irritated. The itchy feeling will weaken after just a few minutes.

14. Add it to your gardening water spray bottle


You don’t necessarily have to spray the dry salt on your soil, you can also use to improve the watering process. Use two tablespoons for each gallon of water you use, but don’t forget to mix thoroughly until all of the salt has dissolved. Use the Epsom salt spray instead of regular water once a month, preferably after the plants have started blooming.

15. Get more hair volume


If you’d like some more luscious hair, add a handful of Epsom salt to your conditioner mix and apply it to your hair. Let it rest for a good fifteen minutes and rinse. A good baseline is to repeat this every week.

16. As a natural fertilizer


Epsom salt serves as a great alternative for chemical fertilizers. Plants with more magnesium are stronger and are therefore much more capable of absorbing nutrients. In other words, if you want to try an organic ‘fertilizer’, Epsom salt is a great choice.

17. A foot bath


A foot bath can go a long way in reducing some stress, both mentally and physically. Next time you decide to take a foot bath, why not add a cup of Epsom salt to it? The tingly sensation will definitely leave you wanting for more. It’ll also get rid of odors or relieve aches!

18. Use it for a better night’s rest


It has been proven that some added magnesium can improve your night’s rest, and it works wonders for children, in particular. If you’re having difficulties with sleeping, try to get in an Epsom salt bath an hour before bedtime. Alternatively, you can also just use some lotion or spray with Epsom salt on your body – the effect will be the same.

19. Replenish used soil


There’s nothing wrong with reusing your soil, but it’s no secret that used soil has significantly fewer nutrients for plants to use. Luckily, some Epsom salt will do wonders to revitalize it, as it will replenish both the magnesium and sulfate levels.

20. Increase amount of grown peppers


If you’re trying to grow peppers in your garden, you should be aware that these can take in plenty of magnesium. Don’t forget to replenish with some Epsom salt, and you’ll definitely start seeing more peppers growing. The more you know!

21. Grow more vivid roses


Stimulating the chlorophyll production will always end up in more vibrant and healthy plants and flowers, although we do need to take a slightly different approach here for roses. Simply soak the plant roots in a mix of half a cup of Epsom salt with water. Sprinkle some dry salt over it as well, and finish with a small layer of soil on top.

22. Improve body circulation


There’s a reason why Epsom salt is among the most used ingredients in modern medicine. It has tons of beneficial properties for the body and it’s known to improve body circulation. A glass of water with two tablespoons of Epsom salt reduces inflammation in the body, resulting in more elastic arteries and less cardiovascular risks.

23. Remove burnt food rests


It’s no secret that burnt food rests can be very tricky to remove, even with strong dishwashing soap. Luckily, adding a bit of Epsom salt to the mix will do a great job at getting rid of burnt food(stains). Just scrubbing the mixture will work, and if the stains are really hard to clean, you can always use warm water as well.

24. Homemade fabric softener


Making your own fabric softener is quick, easy and inexpensive and it works just as well. Grab two cups of Epsom salt, and add half a cup of baking soda too. Next, take around thirty drops of essentials oils (citrus oil or lavender oil, for example) and mix thoroughly. This recipe will give you plenty of fabric softener for the next few washes, you can go ahead and add 1/4 cup of the mixture per washing load as a fabric softener.

25. Easy blackhead removal


Smaller blackheads directly on the surface of your nose are fairly easy to remove, but some of them seem like they want to be stuck in there forever. Luckily, a homemade mix will help you get rid of them with relative ease.

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